Enemas and Herbs

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Enemas and Herbs

Garlic and herbs in glass mason jars used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics

What is an Enema

An Enema consist of fluid injected into the rectum and the sigmoid colon and possibly the descending colon depending on impaction to wash toxic waste. This assists and supports your body with hydration. 

An Enema can be one of the most supportive and efficient ways to make a difference to how you feel emotionally and physically with often immediate effects.
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The History of Enema


The word enema comes from the Greek en-hienai, translated as 'to inject or send into'. 
The oldest reference to enemas come from Elbers Papyrus dated 1,500BC. 
Enema's have probably been used for ten/hundreds of thousands or millions of years.
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Herbal Enemas - Please choose or let your therapist recommend:

Coffee Enema – (Organic coffee) To detoxify the liver and stimulate the gall bladder to remove toxins. Helping clean the colon walls. Stimulates Bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine. Promotes improved digestion. Speeds up detoxification process.

Combination Enema Herbs – (burdock root, raspberry leaves, red clover, wild yam and yellow dock) smooth muscle relaxant herbs, mild laxative and liver stimulating properties. Helps aid the colon when evacuation is unsatisfactory.

Anti-Spasm Enema Herbs – (lobelia, motherwort, peppermint, raspberry leaf and wild yam root) smooth muscle relaxant herbs. Good for nerves, anxiety and stress. Helps with gassy, constipated clients who have a stubborn colon.
German Chamomile – (German chamomile) A relaxation herb used to cleanse the colon and the liver – it helps calm the digestive tract and ease the spasm of IBS, period pains, and migraines. Also helps with chest colds, sore throats, gum inflammation, anxiety, psoriasis, acne, eczema, stomach ulcers. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile Tea Enema – it can help haemorrhoids, gently soothes and cleanses the colon, gently cleanses the liver , helps relieve nausea and promotes relaxation.
Chamomile Flower used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics
Selection of herbs used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics
Wild Yam – (wild yam root) anti-inflammatory helping relieve intestinal and urinary tract inflammation Soothes spasm or muscle cramps (menstrual and hormonal stomach conditions) and relaxes muscles and nerves. Also relieves IBS.

Burdock Enema – is good for the kidneys and bladder, skin, hair, blood and breaks don certain calcium deposits. 

Para Cleanse – (wormwood, German chamomile, black walnut and clove) Cleanse the colon of parasites. Possible signs of Parasitic Infestation are: stomach pain, constipation, joint or muscle pain (inflammation), infections i.e. bladder, vagina, lungs etc, food and environmental allergies, itching, eczema, hives swelling, rashes, anaemia, fatigue, drowsiness. 

Garlic Enema – will cleanse the liver and intestine of mucous congestion, combats cholesterol, clears harmful bacteria and parasites, gets rid of worms, works as a great antiseptic and yeast infections.  

Ginger Enema – works as an anti-inflammatory, good to clear congestion, supports the liver, helps headaches and is good for circulation and gas. 
Epsom Salt Enema – will sooth and calm the colon, has a laxative effect for serve stubborn hard stools, and will increase the amount of water in the intestine. 

Salt Water Enema – this type of enema is generally used in hospitals, relieves constipation, cleanses the bowels, reduces the amount of water in and out of the colon and prevents too much urination afterwards.

Magnesium Citrate Enema – it cleanses, relaxes, re hydrates and alkalises the blood

Red Raspberry Enema – Assists the reproductive system and is a good potassium, magnesium, zinc, silca and iron content.

Green Tea Enema – it release antioxidants into the bloodstream, helps replenish the good bacteria into the large intestine, and is known to help with IBS and Colitis.
Bowl of salt with a wooden spoon used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics
Herbs and dried flowers on wooden spoons used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics
Fennel Enema – helps clam the nervous system, relives gas, helps get rid of worms, detoxifying and stimulates digestion.

Wheatgrass Enema – stimulates and cleanses the liver in the same way as for the coffee enema, the mixture is absorbed through the haemorrhoidal vein, into the hepatic portal vein and into the gallbladder and liver. it will also add oxygen to the whole body, it will increase energy levels, the wheatgrass will increase peristaltic action of the colon and will help get rid of old faeces.

Spirulina Enema – helps detoxify the blood and bowels, 

Catnip Enema – reduces fever and it keeps it down, it soothes and relaxes the intestine, relieves gas, re hydrates the body, it helps constipation and diarrhoea, it's good for stomach and digestive disorders, it removes toxins and unfriendly bacteria from the intestine. 

Linseed Oil Enema – works as an anti-inflammatory, releases sodium from the cells, promotes cellular activity and promotes liver and bowel function.  
Castor Oil Enema – helps cleanse the bowls and stimulates the liver.

Aloe Vera Enema – is good for hemorrhoids, works as a anti-inflammatory, promotes the right PH balance within the bowels, assists in the production of friendly bacteria to the large intestines, known to help with IBS and diverticulitis.
Lemon Juice Enema – works as a mild irritant that may increase intestinal cramps, helps cleanse old faeces from the colon and also helps balance the PH factor in the blood.  
Halved lemons in a bowl used for enema therapy by Hertfordshire Colonics
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