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The whole experience with Reena is professional, relaxing and uplifting. I have recommended Reena to my friends as I have felt the benefits in my digestion weight and skin. Everyone should have one at least once.

Julie Coppola - St. Albans - 3 Oct 2013

I have been visiting Reena for a number of years now after suffering chronic constipation (I could go for 10 days with no release) and stomach bloating my whole life. I was miserable. After my first colonic with Reena she changed my life, I became regular and with her nutritional advice I was able to manage my bloating effectively. I have regular appointments with her now to help me manage my colon and feel so much happier. She is a warm and kind person who always has time for her clients at the same time as being a very professional person, always keeping the dignity and well being of her clients at the forefront of her mind. 

Sarah P - Mill Hill - 3 Oct 2013

I can highly recommend Hertfordshire Colonics. My husband, brother, sister and myself have received treatment from Reena Patel. The health benefits and the feel good feeling you experience is brilliant. 

My advice would be to meet Reena, have a consultation. You will not look back.

Ellen Mullins - St. Albans - 3 Oct 2013

I was very apprehensive about having colonic irrigation, but after visiting the website, I felt more relaxed about the treatment, and satisfied that Hertfordshire Colonics was a professional and reputable company that knew their profession, met the needs of their customers and the added reassurance that treatment was conducted within a NHS approved facilities. Upon arrival I was greeted by Reena who straight away put me at ease and eradicated any concerns or nervousness I held on to. The surroundings were hygienic and private with me feeling very at ease. The treatment itself was brilliant, leaving me feeling very relaxed and refreshed. It is definitely something I would recommend, but not only that I would travel the 50 miles to Hertfordshire Colonics again because the overall experience was so good. 

Simon, Essex 10/01/2012 

Simon Dovaston -Canvey Island- 12 Jan 21012

Reena was fantastic, very welcoming and made you feel at ease especially as it was the first time having had the treatment.
The procedure itself was not as bad as I had imagined, and definitely feel so much happier and healthier after.
Will definitely be re-booking with Reena again.

Gina Breen- Letchworth Garden City- 9 Jan 2012

I was very frightened when I made my appointment with Hertfordshire Colonics. I called them and Reena answered the phone I told her I was worried and asked her all the questions going through my mind. Reena calmed me down and explained everything that was going to happen. Her professionalism and soft voice made me feel I was going to be in very good hands. I drove over 90 miles and met Reena. Before she started the treatment she sat me down and helped me to calm down. After the treatment I felt very relaxed and happy that I had the made the appointment. I have now booked my second appointment.

Reena is very friendly, helpful and a professional to what she does. She shows a lot of caring for everyone who visit her. 5 Stars

Dai Dattani Coventry- 27 Oct 2011

As a Guy , I was a little apprehensive about booking myself in for a colonic however, from the moment I spoke with Reena I was reassured. I went along for my first session, Reena was very welcoming, friendly and professional and the procedure was simple and very relaxed, there was no pain or discomfort, and we chatted about health matters, Reena is great! she is very knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic about wellbeing. I felt really good after the treatment, clean, clear headed and healthier. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and encourage everyone to try it. Paul H. 

Paul Hellyer - St. Albans- 27 Jul 2012

I had my very first Hydro Therapy Session and was very nervous on my first visit. The service provided by Reena was exceptional, explaining the procedure involved in detail and soon putting my mind at ease. She offered an exceptional service, taking a genuine interest in my health issues. After the treatment, I felt I had more energy and rejuvenated and felt the difference in my body immediately. I highly recommend Reena to those who are considering this treatment. 

Lena Patel -Kingsbury - 14 Jul 2011

I have recommended Renna to all my friends, amazing treatment and very friendly

Georgina Dawson 20 Jun 2011 -St. Albans

After suffering a stillbirth 12 weeks ago I wanted to go for a colonic (for the first time) to clear all my body of toxins and to try and kick start my menstrual cycle. I felt fantastic after the treatment, lighter, healthier, cleaner and above all my menstrual cycle started that same day, which means I can try for a baby again. I cannot thank Reena enough. I will be recommending to all my friends. JV 

Jayne Cheshun 4 Jun 2011

I am Reena Patel's colleague and I go to her for treatments! She is passionate, caring and knowledgeable. I always feel safe, and I can feel that my wellbeing is Reena's priority. GI

Galina Imrie 1 Jun 2011

I was a little apprehensive before I had my treatment with Reena as I did not know what to expect but Reena was excellent. In my opinion, the service could not have been better. After the treatment Reena was available on the phone to help with any questions or worries I had. I would recommend Hertfordshire Colonics to everybody, they won't be disappointed.

Jayde – Beaconsfield – 2 Nov 2010

I have been to several colonic therapists, and Hertfordshire Colonics is a cut above. Reena's massage technique is superior, and she uses the best type of machine; which makes sure that you get a better result. Also, Reena will go out of her way to make sure you are being helped; whether that means giving you some extra time when you need it, or fitting you in at the last minute when you are suffering.

Katie – St Albans – 24 Oct 2010

Hertfordshire Colonics provided me with the help, support and information I needed to give my health and digestive system much needed improvement. The advice I received was invaluable and I stick to it almost every day. The environment was calm and comfortable giving me the confidence to make return visits.

Di – St Albans – 18 Oct 2010

Reena made me feel very relaxed as it was my first treatment ever and she was so knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. Their super greens powder is also amazing!

Karina Hirani – Letchworth Garden City – Sweet Feet Reflexology – 15 Oct 2010

I have had two treatments by Reena at Hertfordshire Colonics. The service before, during and after has always been exceptional. I have suffered with gastrointestinal problems for the last 5 years consistently but after my professional treatment received by Reena I haven't suffered any problems at all since having the treatment over three months ago, it has changed my life.

P Morrison – Hertford – 15 Oct 2010

Was extremely nervous before the first procedure, but Reena was fantastic at explaining everything in detail, and putting me at ease. Reena's outgoing, friendly persona made the hour session fly by. After the first session I felt more upbeat, and after the third session the benefits were visible to friends. Would recommend Hertfordshire Colonics to anyone, but especially nervous first timers.

James Bicknell – Havant – 14 Oct 2010

I have visited Reena at Hertfordshire Colonics several times for colonic, and have always been extremely happy with the level of customer service I receive, you can really tell when someone does a job with passion, and Reena certainly doesn't disappoint! Reena is always professional yet friendly with a wealth of interesting information and advice to give. I have and will continue to recommend her service to all.

Reena P – Watford – Krisalis Beauty – 14 Oct 2010

I attended Hertfordshire Colonics on the spur of the moment and had no idea of what level of service or customer care to expect. Also, considering the treatment I had opted to get, I was rather nervous of what it would entail.

From my initial contact with Reena, her level of customer care was superb. I spoke to her on the phone at first and followed this up with a questionnaire via email. At all times I was made to feel at ease and every question I had was answered in a friendly and polite way. Reenas customer service skills would be well adopted by other businesses.

On the actual day of my treatment, I was very impressed with the quality of the facilities and the way I was put at ease. Reena took all the time I needed to explain what would happen. All my questions were answered (in layman's terms) and all my worries were put at ease. The whole experience at Hertfordshire Colonics was one of friendly professionalism. I would recommend the services of Hertfordshire Colonics, and Reena in particular, to anyone who was considering their treatments. 
10 out of 10 on all points from me!

Michael Bhishop – St Albans – 14 Oct 2010

I was very anxious when my practitioner asked me to have a colonic irrigation. I talked to few therapists but Hertfordshire Colonics put my mind to rest. Reena is very gentle, very professional, calming, friendly and knowledgeable. The service was great. I have been recommending Hertfordshire Colonics to lot of people. Thanks Reena. CM

Charu Malde – London – 14 Oct 2010

I have been to Reena on several occasions and am delighted with the results! The clinic which is upstairs at Eve & Adam day spa is professional, tranquil and calm. Reena certainly makes you feel relaxed as she's such a lovely person. She is very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition also and I have recommended a couple of friends.

Sal Watkins – St Albans – 14 Oct 2010

Very good service will use again! Have been recommending to all my friends! I felt so relaxed

Alison – London – 14 Oct 2010

Very professional and friendly service. I felt much better and healthier after the treatment. Also, the therapist was able to explain well various aspects of the procedure Highly recommended!

Jurgen Kaljuvee – London – 21 Sept 2009

Colonic Irrigation is the best step i have taken in my life for a number of reasons. For weight loss and general well being of myself I always feel so good after treatment. I recommend Hertfordshire Colonics personally as a great clinic to have the best possible treatment and outcome in terms of results. The service is second to none.

Thank you Hertfordshire Colonics for now being a part of my life.

Manmeet Chowdhry – Edgware – 21 Sept 2009

I had a colonic on 14th September and was totally happy with both the level of service I received (Reena was fantastic) and the colonic itself. It is a very personal procedure and feeling comfortable with the person giving it is of the utmost importance. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

Paul Albert – London – 17 Sep 2009

I have just had colonic my 3rd of 3 colonics and can report back that my stomach is flatter and has lost that feeling of bloatedness. Reena is great - friendly, knowledgeable, funny, calming and accommodating. Thank you Reena 

Karen Naldrett – 3 Feb 2009

It is always a pleasure to visit Hertfordshire Colonics and always feel better from the experience! While some might have hang ups about the process and what actually happens, most of this comes from people who have not been. I look forward to my sessions which are not only about body but mind... Exceptional professionalism and experience and highly recommended! I always come away with a little note knowledge than I had before and I look forward to my next visit!

Matt Hinchy – 2 Feb 2009

Right lets make this short and sweet.....I was told about colonic hydrotherapy through a friend and was always quite intrigued. I finally plucked up the courage and booked myself in for a treatment and was very impressed by Reena's professionalism and service. I felt really good after the treatment and most importantly its a great detox. I highly recommend the treatment and for a little inspiration I am about to book myself in for another.....go for it, you will feel extremely rejuvenated!

Rakhee Patel – 28 Nov 2008

For a first time colonic irrigation virgin, my initial nerves were soon put at ease by the professional and friendly manner in which the treatment was extended.

Not only did Hertfordshire Colonics provide a sense of well being, the experience was also extremely educational and at times, highly humorous.

Gordon Francis – 5 Oct 2008

I would heartily recommend Hertfordshire Colonics to anyone considering this treatment. I found 'Reena' to be exceptionally friendly - she put me at ease within moments.

The procedure itself was painless and I walked out feeling better than I have done in years. All in all, excellent service and an excellent treatment. Many thanks.

Nick Farr – 22 Sep 2008

Reena is a true angel!!! She goes out of her way to accommodate appointments and makes you feel so at ease. Her gentle and friendly approach is a breath of fresh air. I have never felt better and her advice is wonderful. As a practicing GP who knows both personally and professionally the suffering of constipation/irritable bowel and bloating, I would encourage anyone who suffers to have a chat with Reena. You will not regret it!!!!!Thank you Reena!!!

Dr Elaine Mc Quade – 13 Sep 2008

Hi Reena, just a quick not to say thank you for our treatment last week Friday. I really noticed the difference the next morning - I was wide awake at 6am! It usually takes me an hour to fully wake up. I suffered with back pain for 5 years, everyday without fail. It got to the point where I couldn't even bend forward to touch my toes. Now my back is perfect. I lost 3lbs. Drinking soya milk now with my cornflakes. Strictly no coffee and tea. I feel really well. We both would like to come again in the near future and will call you soon. Thanks again

Gail – 8 Aug 2008

Reena is so nice and calm and friendly. She put me at ease immediately and I have booked in two more sessions. The Hertfordshire Colonics treatment has been superb I feel great. Highly recommend it. :-)

Linda Whitaker – 29 May 2008

I had my first Colonic Irrigation 2 weeks ago, was a little bit unsure before having it done as I didn't quite know what to expect. After just having my second one I can really notice a positive difference in both my bowels and general well-being. Anyone who is interested in having one done for whatever reason I definitely recommend it.

Flo Huntley – 22 May 2008

I am a colonic connoisseur. This was one of the best colonics I've received. The treatment was excellent and the results outstanding. The detox foot patches Reena recommended for night time use are astonishing.

Kavida Rei – 27 Apr 2008

I had my first Hydro therapy session around 4 months ago and was amazed at how full of energy I was afterwards. I found Reena to be very informative and very professional at all times. She made me feel at ease even though I was initially quite nervous about how the session would work. Reena extended her customer care by giving sound personalised advise that was beyond my service expectation. She made me feel like she genuinely cared for my well being. I have since been back for a further two sessions and feel that having regular hydro therapy sessions will be a routine part of life for years to come

Miss Harsha Mehta – 18 Jan 2008

I had a wonderful experience with Hertfordshire Colonics and would highly recommend it to anybody. I’ve never had it before so I was really nervous, but I was relieved that Rena is so friendly and attentive and put me at my ease straight away.

The whole session was informative, relaxed, and very professional. I followed Rena’s advice about what foods to avoid before the treatment and I was really pleased with the results. I could feel the difference in my body immediately. I needed a second session and couldn’t wait to get started with the treatment; it felt great to be doing something so positive for my body.

Anna Andrews – 13 Nov 2007

Reena is very professional and takes genuine interest in her clients needs. I have been to Hertfordshire Colonics twice, I felt very relaxed and the results were great. I would highly recommend it. Thanks Reena

Gemma Watson – 11 Oct 2007

Hertfordshire Colonics does an excellent job at making you feel at ease, the whole experience is worth it. I find Rena helpful with her advice she gives, she is a very honest and credible girl that wouldn't try and lure you back for more sessions if you don't need it. The environment is also very relaxing and private which is a bonus! I would definitely recommend Hertfordshire Colonics to anyone as the name says it all, you feel completely cleansed and pure afterwards!!!

Gizella Lewis – 7 Oct 2007

I have been to a lot of different health spas, but the unique quality about Hertfordshire Colonics is that they make one feel at home. There is so much peace and you feel quite relaxed whilst having your treatment. would you relax whilst having a colonic? At Hertfordshire Colonics, yes I did and have been going ever since. The after feeling especially is the best experience ever.

Zwe Ncube – 27 Sep 2007

I must praise the treatment I got from the Hydro Therapist, I had it done elsewhere before, but from my experiences, She is by far the Best, I have never Felt So GOOD!!! I will happily keep on using Hertfordshire Colonics, and recommend the Clinic to my Friends.

Dhiren Patadia – 26 Sep 2007

I was made to feel very welcome and put at ease. When I first went I was on a health campaign, the treatment helped with my weight loss and I seemed to have more energy. My advice to anyone considering it is to try it out and then judge for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Stefan Raywood – 25 Sep 2007

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